Car Alarm System & Installation

A car alarm system sets off a loud siren when the vehicle is disturbed through forced entry. to attract attention deterring unauthorised entry attempts. Criminals will rather not risk setting off a car alarm system and draw attention. However with vehicles parked far from scrutiny aggressive efforts might be attempted. In the event that unauthorised entry is detected by any of the security sensors, the car alarm system triggers the siren. The siren draws immediate attention to the suspicious activity and forces the thief to make an escape.

Car alarm systems by themselves will not guarantee the safety of the vehicle and belongings. Autolox Services recommends taking the following precautions to benefit fully from the car alarm system;

  • Always confirm that all doors are lock and the car alarm system is armed before leaving your vehicle unattended.
  • Always park your vehicle within viewing distance or hearing distance
    Avoid parking in dimly lit and secluded parking spots
    Avoid leaving valuables in open view in your vehicle even with tinted windows
  • Test for proper functionality of the alarm system regularly. Most preferably before use every day. A malfunctioned car alarm system is as good as no alarm system
  • When parked in unfamiliar locations perform regular physical checks of your vehicle

The car alarm system can be linked to more security sensors to increase the overall reliability. Some of the most commonly utilised auto security sensors include;

  • Vehicle body pressure sensors
  • Shock and impact sensors
  • Glass shatter sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Tilt Sensors
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Ambient Sensors

Autolox Services installs car alarm systems on all vehicles. Our car alarms are from one of the best and renowned automotive security in the UK. We install & fully test car alarm systems within 2 hours to allow 


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