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With the advancement in technology management of transit vehicles has become more efficient and easier. The proliferation of the global positioning system architecture has allowed for real-time tracking of goods and vehicles as well as remote communication between the vehicle electronic systems and the concerned parties’ devices.

Features & Benefits

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GPS & Fleet Management

Every business owner dealing in transportation services needs tracking systems to manage transit schedules as well as to aid in better planning of future routes. Prior to the current development of communication & networking systems this was only achievable frequent through communication with the drivers. However, modern technology now offers the capability to inquire the following from the systems automatically:

Benefits of The System

The major advantage to any business implementing the GPS & Fleet Management system is the cost savings that result to the proper planning enabled by the technology. Real-time location tracking coupled with route history logging allows precision planning of transit schedules and routing. The utilization of mobile telecommunication systems allows management on the go via smartphones as well. Other benefits include:


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