Lost Car Keys

autolox lost car keys replacement

The issue of lost car keys is with no doubt annoying and frustrating. We at Autolox offer car keys replacements services for most of vehicles on our roads today. We have invested in technical skills and equipment to relieve you of the stressful ordeal in minimal time upon service request. However that first thing one should do is find out if they have a spare key. It is highly recommended to always have spare keys safely stored for such unfortunate incidents. Also, duplicating a copy of keys is much cheaper than replacing when there is no master or original key.

Cost and procedures of car keys replacement

The cost and ease of replacement of lost car keys ranges depending on the type and the security technology used in your car. Also it will depend on the type of car keys that one wishes to replace with. Replacement of car keys can include one or several of the following procedures:

  • Mechanical Cutting
  • Laser/Side Mill Key Cutting
  • ECU-to-Transponder Code Reading
  • Transponder Chip Programming
  • Transponder/ECU Syncing

In the event that there is no spare car keys to be cloned, access to the inside of the vehicle is required. Autolox technicians have the necessary expertise to unlock doors and even immobilize the vehicle (start the engine) without the keys if need be.

In the process of replacing lost car keys there might be options to upgrade from the version of the lost keys. This is done mostly to include more features to the key that the vehicle supports. Whenever upgrades are possible Autolox technicians will make this known to the client. At least a duplicate copy of the replaced car keys are highly recommended and highly stressed upon. If you happen to have original/master keys it is recommended that you keep them and always use duplicated copies.

Once you call us regarding such an issue our key technicians will guide you in providing the necessary details to identify your specific type of car keys. At Autolox Services, the nightmare of lost car keys is a thing of the past.

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Hello. Good Job!

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I need to know like the cost of making 2 spare keys for a Honda Stream Auto Key.

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