Types of Car Keys

Knowing the type of car keys that you use is quite important. It will help you in the case that you lose them and need to replace them. Also, it will help if you need to upgrade to a more feature-packed key module.

Prior to the 90’s car keys were just as simple as the ordinary house keys. Hence replacing or duplicating of such keys simply required a visit to the locksmith to cut a new one. However with the advancement of automobile security vehicle keys have been progressively equipped with newer and tighter security features. These security features are made possible by the introduction of computers in vehicles. These computers can control the different functionalities of the vehicles such as accessibility, mobility and the ignition system.

1. Mechanically-Cut Keys

mechanically cut car keys

Traditional car keys usually include just a cut key with no security feature. These type of car keys are prevalent on older car models. The security of a vehicle utilizing this type of key is very minimal. However if the vehicle has a security system already installed on it an upgrade of the key is possible. Autolox technicians can help you verify whether your vehicle is ready for a key-type upgrade on request.

2. Laser-Cut Keys

side milled laser cut car keys

Laser cut keys were introduced as a security upgrade to the earlier mechanically cut keys. The main difference is in the way the keys are cut. As the name suggests a laser is used to cut out precise grooves on both sides of the key. As a result, security is increased because of the relatively more technical procedure of cutting the key.

3. Transponder Chip Keys

transponder chip car keys

The transponder technology was a step forward into computer-driven security. Post 90’s car, most manufacturers could fit computers into vehicles and this allowed higher and more specific security control. Transponders which are RFID chips installed on the key heads or key fobs could now be synced with the computer to control access and mobility of the vehicles. Hence, a lost key with transponder chip technology requires both cutting and programming a new key. This is a technique that requires expertise to accomplish.

4. Smart Remotes

smart rfid remote car keys

Smart Keys are RFID sensors rather than keys. They work on the same concept as Near Field Communication. The smart key activates the vehicle’s doors and engine ignition system automatically without pressing any buttons. Depending on the type of vehicle and the features equipped on it, a smart key can do much more. Smart keys/remotes need to be within the vehicle’s computer RFID transmission field radius to disengage the always active security system. Vehicles that use this type of key have a push to start ignition button.

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